Project info

The project “SpoluBližšie“ (Closer Together) received a grant from Norway in the amount of EUR 444,482. The project was co-financed in the amount of EUR 66,672 from the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

Basic information

  • Project code: LDI01003
  • Project name: TogetherCloser
  • Program: Local Development and Inclusion
  • Region of project implementation: Prešovský
  • District of project implementation: Kežmarok
  • Planned project completion: 30.04.2024
  • Beneficiary: the town of Spišská Belá

Project Description

The main goal of the project is to build a multifunctional center serving children and young people from the town of Spišská Belá and its surroundings. The center includes a youth club Face club, as well as an educational center Pôjd, which will be used for non-formal and experiential education, for inspirational and innovative activities and coworking. Building an educational center will raise awareness of non-formal education, but above all, it will create space for prevention programs. These programs focus on tolerance and understanding, media work and media literacy, as well as activities on cyberbullying or inclusion. The project integrates cooperation with civic associations from Slovakia, as well as the Norwegian partner Newschool. The project also includes the construction of a community garden at the community center, which will be used for outdoor activities. The supported activities will create a multifunctional youth center that can respond to the rapidly changing needs of children and young people and also provide them with adequate support for their needs.

The project was prepared by the town of Spišská Belá in cooperation with the project partners.


Town of Spišská Belá 

The town of Spišská Belá is an autonomous territorial self-governing and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic bringing together persons permanently residing in its territory. The role of the town is to take care of the all-round development of its territory and the needs of its inhabitants. This town has been working with children and young people for a long time. In addition to the traditional forms of institutional care for the development of children and young people, such as kindergartens, elementary and special elementary schools, school clubs, art schools, leisure centers, we also support the initiative and engagement of young people in the town.

It is thanks to the youth initiative in the town that a youth club was established in 2011, the content of which is in the hands of young people, who have founded a civic association for this purpose. Thanks to the active cooperation of the municipality, the third sector and schools, a concept for work with youth has been developed, from which action plans are drawn up every year. We have experience in working with young people, as evidenced by the award of the Community Friendly to Children and Young people”, which we received in 2017.


Expression o.z.

The Expression Civic Association has long been dedicated to non-formal and experiential education, as well as work with young people in the town. The concept of youth work was developed under the auspices of this partner. The partnership will enable work on the targeted program development for children and young people, as well as innovative practices and approaches in youth work at the town level and its surroundings.

Kežmarok Platform for Social Inclusion

The Kežmarok Platform for Social Inclusion is dedicated to working with young adults, especially in intervention activities such as employment and competences necessary for inclusion in society. The organization has experience in both professional activities and consultancy activities. This partnership will support the work with the target group, which has specific needs with regard to the district in which the town is located, and at the same time will take over the imaginary line of education after primary and secondary school. The cooperation can create an organized support system that will facilitate communication with the main employers in the town and its surrounding areas and link the necessary competences with the target group, which will have a direct impact on the employment of Roma and socially disadvantaged people.

Newschool (Norway)

Newschool has extensive experience in working with teachers and using modern working methods. It has an open perspective on education, which enables participants to acquire knowledge and skills that help to improve the quality of education. The team has extensive experience in change management, knowledge of trends and technologies, and solid international experience in the field of educational innovation, cooperation processes, business development, etc. The partner’s contribution will mainly be in the training in the Pôjd Educational Center, transfer of know-how and inspiration, but also in the program development and setting up the functioning of the educational center.

Center for Children and Families Spišská Belá

The Center for Children and Families is an important partner in working with children and youth in the town. The partner will ensure the dissemination of the program and content of the multifunctional center among children and young people and will also be active in creation of non-formal and experiential education based on the needs perceived by the center.

Project activities

Opening and operation of the Face Club youth club

  • To create a safe space for children and young people to spend their free time informally

Opening and operation of the Pôjd educational center

  • To establish and operate a space that will bring together community leaders from local organizations and informal groups. To support non-formal and experiential education and link them to with formal education, inspiration and cooperation.

Implementing activities for children and young people with a lack of opportunities

Career and employment counseling, individual and group support

  • To provide career and employment counseling to primary and secondary school students, graduates and young adults with a lack of opportunities

Opening a community garden

  • To create a safe outdoor space for active leisure time


Mesto Spišská Belá
Petzvalova 16
059 01 Spišská Belá


Expression o.z.
Družstevná 36 
059 01 Spišská Belá

Kežmarská platforma pre sociálne začlenenie
Krížová Ves 51
059 01 Spišská Belá

3 Øvre Slottsgate
Oslo, Oslo, 0157

Centrum pre deti a rodiny Spišská Belá
Továrenská 19/5
059 01 Spišská Belá


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