Community garden

Vision of the community garden project

The vision for the community garden is to create a safe outdoor space where children and young people can spend time. The community garden will be used for both organized and leisure time gatherings of children and young people, school experiential learning activities, cultural and sports events for children and youth, as well as for inclusive or any other types of intercultural activities.

The community garden will complete the complex of offers for children and youth in the town and its surroundings. Sport is part of healthy relationships and mental health prevention, a dimension that we are also interested in within our other projects: Pôjd and FaceClub.

About the community garden

The garden will include rest areas, places for sports, outdoor game tables, sports games, a stage for amateur band concerts, and a barbecue area. When preparing the garden, we also thought of children with special needs. There will be elements that support their development and rehabilitation.

komunitna zahrada pojd faceclub spolu blizsie expression

Project partners

The following partners will implement their activities in the community garden:

  • Expression o.z.
  • Kežmarok platform
  • Social workers
  • Center for Children and Families Spišská Belá


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